Korea Company Day

Dear students,

The biggest events for Tanuki every year are the Company Days. And this year will be no exception. During the Korea Company Day, multiple Korean companies are invited to talk about what they do. It is a perfect opportunity for you as a student to see what is possible after your graduation. Furthermore, it is a great way to expand your network, share your resumé, find an internship, or even a job.

The Korea Company Day will take place on the 28th of January via MS Teams. Because of the covid-19 situation, there will be no in-person meeting this year. All networking with companies will be done on the online platform.

We would like to ask anyone that is interested in attending the Korea Company Day to fill in the form below. This way we can easily keep you informed on new information surrounding the Company Day.

The schedule of the Company Day will be shared as soon as possible and will be shared on this page and through e-mail if you filled in the form below.