After The Tsunami- Think about Japan, The Reality and The Future


On the 13th of may, our guest lecturer, Leiden University student, Hiroki Yamada will provide a seminar regarding the disaster in Japan and disaster in general.

This seminar is originally organised by a group named 底力プロジェクト(Sokojikara Project) in Uppsala in Sweden, and their aims are to cultivate people both in Japan and in the world who can understand the disaster properly and to hold activities beneficial to the victims. Based on those aims, we will hold seminars in both Uppsala and Leiden so that we can discuss problems regarding the reconstruction in Tohoku district and get new perspective of that disaster by learning what happened in the disaster and what happens now.

The seminar consists of a lecture part and a discussion part. In the lecture part Mr Yamada will talk about what happened on the day of the disaster and about the present situation of reconstruction using slides. In the discussion part we will discuss given topics related to disaster (hopefully related to the Netherlands as well). After we discussed and exchanged our opinion about the topic, Mr Yamada will send the result of the discussion to the project manager, and the opinions of Leiden University students will be delivered to the people in Tohoku district through a Japanese newspaper company this August.

Time and date: May 13, 19:00-21:00 (including break)
Place: Lipius 3.07
Language: English

Entry is free of charge and no application is required.
we hope to see you there!